Advanced Monolithic Systems
Expert of Power Management
Expert of Power Management
Low Dropout Regulator
Linear Regulator
Voltage Reference
Reset IC
DC-DC Converter
Low Voltage MOSFET
PWM Controller

Part No Iout Vin Vout Accurate IQ PSRR(1KHz) Package
AMS6201 100mA <18V 3.0~5.0V ±2﹪  3uA  60dB  SOT-23-3
AMS6202 150mA <20V 1.8~18V ±1﹪  2uA  50dB  SOT-25
AMS6203 400mA <8V 1.8~6V ±2﹪  8uA  50dB  SOT-23
AMS6204 300mA <10V 0.9~6V ±2%  70uA  70dB  SOT-25
AMS6205 300mA <10V 0.9~6V ±2%  70uA  60dB  SOT-25
AMS6206 300mA <6.5V 1.2~5V ±2%  8uA  50dB  SOT-23-3
AMS6207 800mA <6.5V 1.2~5V ±1%  80uA  65dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6208 100mA <18V 3.0~5.0V ±3%  3uA  50dB  SOT-23-3
AMS6209 250mA <18V 3.0~5.0V ±2%  3uA  50dB  SOT-23-3
AMS6210 700mA <6V 0.8~5.0V ±2%  35uA  60dB  SOT-25
AMS6211 500mA <6.5V 1.2V~5.0V ±2%  70uA  70dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6212 300mA <6.5V 1.5V~5.0V ±2%  16uA  50dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6213 150mA <6V 1.2V~5.0V ±2%   35uA  60dB  SOT-25
AMS6214 500mA <6V 1.2V~3.3V ±2%  8uA  50dB  SOT-89
AMS6215 200mA <6V 0.9V~5.0V ±2%   1uA  50dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6216 150mA <28V 2.0~3.0V ±2%  5uA  50dB  SOT-25
AMS6217 250mA <6V 0.8~4.0V ±2%   4.5uA  60dB  SOT-25
AMS6218 200mA <6V 0.9~4.0V ±2%   1uA  50dB  SOT-23
AMS6219 300mA <6.5V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   65uA  62dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6220 300mA <10V 0.9~5.0V ±2%   5uA  40dB  SOT-23
AMS6221 300mA <8V 2.0~5.0V ±2%  45uA  70dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6222 200mA <6.5V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   130uA  70dB  SOT-23-6
AMS6223 30mA <6V 0.5~5.0V ±2%   25uA  70dB  SOT-25
AMS6360 500mA <6V 1.5~3.6V ±2%  100uA  75dB  SOT-23-3
AMS6361 200mA <6.5V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   45uA  75dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6362 200mA <6.5V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   130uA  62dB  SOT-23-6L
AMS6363 300mA <6.5V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   8uA  50dB  SOT-23
AMS6364 300mA <6.5V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   65uA  62dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6365 800mA <9V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   150uA  75dB  SOT-89
AMS6366 250mA <6.5V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   16uA  50dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6367 250mA <18V 3.0~5.0V ±2%  3uA  50dB  SOT-23
AMS6368 600mA <8.5V 1.8~5.0V ±1.5%  25uA  70dB  SOT-23
AMS6369 250mA <7V 1.5~3.3V ±1.5%   10uA  55dB  SOT-23
AMS6370 300mA <7V 1.8~3.3V ±1.5%   5uA  65dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6371 300mA <6.5V 1.5~5.0V ±2%   8uA  65dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6372 300mA <10V 1.5~5.0V ±2%   65uA  62dB  SOT-23-3
AMS6373 500mA <6.5V 1.2~5.0V ±2%   50uA  70dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6374 300mA <6.5V 1.5~5.0V ±2%   16uA  50dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6375 200mA <6.5V 1.8~3.0V ±2%   130uA  70dB  SOT-23-6
AMS6376 800mA <6.5V 1.5~5.0V ±1%   80uA  65dB  SOT-23-5
AMS6377 100mA <16V 3.0~5.0V ±2.5%  3uA  60dB  SOT-23-3
AMS75XXA 50mA <24V 3.0~5.0V ±3%   2.5uA  75dB  SOT-23
AMS75XXB 100mA <24V 3.0~5.0V ±3%  5uA  65dB  SOT-23-5
AMS75XXC 150mA <24V 3.0~5.0V ±2%  2.5uA  75dB  SOT-23
AMS71XX 50mA <24V 3.0~5.0V ±2%   2.5uA  75dB  SOT-23
AMS73XX 300mA <24V 1.8~5.0V ±2%   2uA  65dB  SOT-23
AMS78CXX 500mA <24V 1.8~5.0V ±2%  3uA  65dB  SOT-23
AMS6816 500mA <6V 3.3V ±2% 70uA 70dB SOT-89

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